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I tano yan I tasi minagof I kuttura'ta
Falúúw me sáát nge angolongolol kkoosch
The land and the sea are the pride of our culture

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The Micronesia Challenge is a shared commitment by the Republic of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Marshall Islands, Territory of Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands to effectively conserve 30% marine resources and 20% terrestrial resources across Micronesia by 2020.

By the numbers Micronesia:
  • 6.7 million: area in square kilometers of the Pacific ocean. The Challenge represents more than 20% of the Pacific Island region and 5% of the largest ocean in the world.
  • 66: number of species in Micronesia recorded on the IUCN Red List
  • 1,300: species of fish living in the waters of Micronesia
  • 483: species of corals (60% of all known corals)
  • 1400: species of plants (200 endemic)
  • 85: species of birds (50% endemic)
  • 104: number of the 218 recognized Endemic Bird Areas confined entirely to islands around the world.
  • $2 billion: annual net benefits to the Pacific from coral reefs
  • $800 million: benefits annually distributed across Micronesia from coral reefs
By the numbers CNMI:
  • Over 1,000: species of fish living in the waters of CNMI
  • 256: species of corals (~32% of all known coral)
  • 150: species of birds (12 species are ONLY found in the Mariana Islands)
  • 1,029: species of plants (244 of them are ONLY found in the Mariana Islands)
  • $61 million (according to a 2006 study): benefits annually to the CNMI from Coral Reefs ($42 million of those benefits are directly from the tourism industry)
The effort is supported by the United States Department of Interior, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany.  Within these governments and agencies are several sub-agencies and offices that assist in The Challenge.In addition, the Challenge is supported by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation and The Nature Conservancy.  

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Micronesia Challenge Young Champion (MCYC)

MCYCs are Saipan-based college students who are selected to work with the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality, as well as at times with partner organizations and agencies, for 1-2 year long internships in support of the Micronesia Challenge. MCYCs focus on achieving the goals and outcomes outlined in the CNMI Micronesia Challenge Communications Plan, designing outreach materials and participating in outreach events and presentations. MCYCs also have opportunities to connect with MCYCs across Micronesia through support of The Nature Conservancy and the Micronesia Conservation Trust. 

Carey Demapan (Current MCYC)

Carey is the new (2015) Micronesia Challenge Young Champion working under the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality. She currently attends Northern Marianas College, double-majoring in Natural Resource Management and Business Management. Her passion for the environment has grown since her participation in the 2014 First Stewards Symposium and Living Earth Festival, in Washington, DC, which focused on the detrimental impacts of climate change on small islands. Participants were winners from a photo essay contest, in which each person selected a certain area in their island to talk about its cultural value and how climate change has impacted it.  Carey’s essay focused on dramatic changes that have happened due to erosion at Saipan Sugar Dock. Since then Carey has helped her community by participating in numerous beach clean ups and joining her school’s Environmental Natural Resource Organization in their mission to help have a cleaner environment. During the winter break she also participated in the 2014-2015 Ecology of Bird Loss: Island Ecology Course. In this course she conducted intensive field work and composed a scientific paper with two other group mates that focused on bird predation towards juvenile spiders. Besides doing field work, Carey enjoys a handful of activities like swimming, snorkeling, and softball. From now until September 2015, she will be working to help spread awareness of the Micronesia Challenge within the broader Saipan community, and hopes to successfully contribute to the conservation of our natural resources.


Jolly Ann Cruz (MCYC 2013-2014)

 Jolly Ann, also known as Jojo, a former Micronesia Challenge Young Champion working under the Managaha Sanctuary Pride Campaign at the Mariana Islands Nature Alliance.  She attends the Northern Marianas College double-majoring in Elementary Education and Natural Resources Management.  She began advocating for the environment when she interned in the summer of 2012 under the Coral Reef Initiative.  She looks forward to continue raising awareness and promoting local involvement for the Micronesia Challenge and desires to conserve and sustain our islands’ natural resources for future generations.