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Laolao Ridge to Reef Documentary

Laolao Ridge to Reef

Laolao Bay in Saipan is one of the gems of the Northern Mariana Islands. This film, produced by HD Under H2O, highlights some of the conservation actions being taken to keep the coral reefs of the bay healthy and productive. As the local scientists and conservationists explain, taking care of upland areas is a critical component in maintaining and restoring the health of the reef.

Marine Monitoring Team

Biologist, Steven Johnson, explains MMT's work with CNMI's coral reefs

Steven Johnson from the CNMI Bureau of Environmental Quality (BECQ) talks to Science Simplified about the reefs in the CNMI and the research that he and his colleagues on the Marine Monitoring Team recently published in PlOS One:  “Coral Reef Disturbance and Recovery Dynamics Differ across Gradients of Localized Stressors in the Mariana Islands”. Video is courtesy of Pacific Marine Resources Institue (PMRI). Follow this link to their site to learn more about their work across Micronesia. 

The full text of the publication can be found here.

Citation: Houk P, Benavente D, Iguel J, Johnson S, Okano R (2014) Coral Reef Disturbance and Recovery Dynamics Differ across Gradients of Localized Stressors in the Mariana Islands. PLoS ONE 9(8): e105731. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0105731

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Science Simplified - CNMI

For more information go to the Marine Monitoring page page on this site by using the navigation bar above, or by following this link. You can also study beautiful photos of some of CNMI's 256 coral species here.

Tasi Watch Rangers

Tasi Watch Rangers

Four Tasi (ocean in Chamorro) Watch Rangers talk about the environmental community watch program for Laolao Bay that was started by the Mariana Islands Nature Alliance.

Our Laolao

Our Laolao

The Our Laolao campaign is giving community champions opportunities to tell why they believe the place is special and deserves special care. The OurLaolao campaign is striving to capture people’s stories about why they cherish the bay and in the process, inspire everyone to help keep Laolao Bay litter-free for future generations. Once you know how much your neighbor cares about the place, it’s hard not to respect it.

Talakhaya Revegetation Project in Action

Talakhaya YouTube

CHECK OUT this video of the intrepid Rota Forestry staff and volunteers planting vetiver grass for the Talakhaya Revegetation Project. Keep in mind that everyone in this video is wearing 40-50 pound bags of grass and dirt on their backs! The large eroded area on the left at the beginning of the video shows an exposed cliff that collapsed during the tropical storm that passed Rota a week before the video was shot. The pathway in the foreground on the right is about 12" wide with a 30 ft. drop to the left. Thanks to all of our volunteers and colleagues for their hard work protecting our environment and for staying safe during the 10 weeks of the 2014 planting season!

 For information on CNMI's 7 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), their rules and how you can protect them, check out this video: (Image is a YouTube link)

MPA video

Micronesia Videos

Into the Islands with Dan Ho - Micronesia Challenge, The Nature Conservancy

Into the Islands

One guy, zero crew, and 6.71 million square kilometers of unforgettable conservation stories. Experience the Micronesia Challenge by going deep Into the Islands with Dan Ho.

Micronesia's Changing Climate - Micronesian Conservation Trust

This video contains interviews with conservation practitioners as well as community members and scientists across Micronesia on the current and future impacts climate change will have on this region. The film was produced by HD Under H2O. 

General Coral Education Videos

Coral Reefs - Polyps in Peril - World Resources Institute

WRI Polyps in Peril

Ocean advocate Céline Cousteau and cartoonist Jim Toomey (creator of Sherman's Lagoon) teamed up with the World Resources Institute to bring you Coral Reefs: Polyps in Peril. This short animated film tells the story of coral reefs with humor and admiration for these wondrous ecosystems.  Learn about the unique biology of coral reefs and their importance to people around the world, as well as the serious threats that they face due to overfishing, pollution, and climate change.  But don't let that get you down!  The film also explores what individuals can do to help save coral reefs, including supporting sustainable seafood and tourism providers, reducing your CO2 footprint, and promoting coral reef conservation.  Help protect coral reefs and polyps in peril

Reef Resilence Toolkit - The Nature Conservancy

Take the course! The Nature Conservancy's reef resilience course for marine management. For conservation managers, the module compiles the latest scientific research and tools to help address impacts of climate change and other major threats and promote healthy reefs that persist over time. Watch the video for an introduction, godirectly to a section of the module using the navigation menu that appears on the left of each page, or click through the slides below to see what's inside.

The Coral Song! 

Coral Song

 Published on Sep 26, 2013

A song about coral for children of all ages. 
This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123.
Copyright 2013 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved.
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