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"Misbehaving Beaches Map"

Beach Maps
This interactive web mapping application illustrates basic beach morphology conditions along the west side of Saipan using a "map journal" template.  Field data and photos were collected, processed, and packaged by NOAA Coral Reef Initiative Interns Zabrina mae Shai and Marielle Kapileo during June and July of 2014.   Field investigations are being conducted by Coral Reef Interns along the same sections of beach and same transects each summer, providing baseline data and photos (plus a little personal touch from the interns) to assess shoreline change over time. The idea is to enrich our understanding of local coastal processes with a little bit of spatial narrative.

Battle of Saipan WWII Marine Heritage Trail website

The WWII Maritime Heritage Trail – Battle of Saipan is a collection of underwater heritage sites featuring Japanese and U.S. shipwrecks, assault vehicles, and aircraft wrecks from the Battle of Saipan (June-July 1944). The trail has become a popular attraction for swimmers, snorkelers and divers who wish to visit a part of Saipan’s WWII history underwater. They are not only unique archaeological sites but also have an abundance of marine life making them Saipan’s historical artificial reefs. Each site has been interpreted through an underwater, water-proof dive guide which is available for download on this website or on the island at several locations.

DFW Sea Turtle Program